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Vaults is a strategy card game, designed for 2-4 players and set in the steampunk world. Each player assumes the role of crime lord with one goal in mind: the pursuit for riches that are secured in locked vaults. Plan your moves carefully, pick your crew, equip them with exotic tools and send them to do what they do best. But not all vaults store riches inside them. Even the simplest of vaults can result in a failed crack and a trip to the police station for your crew of handpicked safe crackers. To keep things even more interesting, players can gain access to disrupt cards. These cards add another layer of tactic to the game and can provide significant advantage to one player while causing all kinds of problems to the carefully laid out plans of other players. Challenge your skill and test your luck against Vaults to find out do you have what it takes to become the true crime lord.

Artist: Domagoj Rapčak
Graphic design: Tina Gregurević & Marko Čagalj



Crew bosses represent the leaders of the crew. Their skills may be low, but the true value of these cards lies in their unique abilities. Abilities of the crew bosses are activated with each successful crack of the vaults.

Crew members represent the backbone of any crew. In addition to different skills they also have many useful abilities. Abilities of the crew members are activated when played from the hand.



Tool cards contain skills as well as the ability to Overload. By Overloading the tool, players can double all skill values of the card for one attempt of cracking the vault, after which the overloaded tool card is sent to the Police station. Tool cards cannot be played if there is no crew already in play; a minimum of one crew boss or one crew member is required.

Each disrupt card has two effects. A player can use only one, chosen by their discretion, after which the disrupt card is put out of play. Disrupt cards can help or hinder a player and give a whole new dimension to each game. When players use up all disrupt cards, the entire disrupt deck is shuffled and put back into play.


The back side of the Vault cards contain three numbers that represent the combination needed for cracking the vault. Cracking of the vault cannot be attempted if the combined skills of a crew do not meet the required combination criteria. Each Vault card contains a specific reward or effect on the front side. Vaults with higher combinations contain more loot, but also carry more risk of failed crack attempt.